Plus Size Clothing-Tips for Winter

Published: 04th May 2011
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Summer, what Summer!

Australia has endured a fairly average Summer by all accounts, I can count on one hand how many nice beach days we had in our neck of the woods. No point in dwelling, I know but It would have been nice to wear half the numbers I had prepared for my luscious summer. Now itís time to put your pretty summer outfits on ice, (so to speak), until next year and cross fingers you will get the chance to thaw them out for next summer. That doesnít mean that we canít wear beautiful dresses it just means we have to layer up girls!

Winter is well on its way and regardless of where you live in Australia the mercury is inevitably going to drop and our plus size clothing winter wardrobe can be as beautiful as your summer one. There are a few tips you will need to adhere to as the weather gets cooler and we look for warm fashion options.

I encourage every curvy woman to plan a versatile and uplifting winter plus size clothing wardrobe; donít fall into the trap of going into hibernation for winter. Look for shape enhancing items and steer away from oversized jackets and jumpers that make us look bigger and hide our assets.

There is one word to live by for autumn and winter ĎLayeringí. Layering is essential in a plus size clothing ensemble, we can highlight the areas we like and disguise or down play the areas that we donít like as much. You can do this for work and for play. For example a great corporate outfit could be a Wrap Dress layered with slinky black pants underneath and add a cropped red or black tailored cardi. Or for casual cool winter wear team some wide leg pants or our everyday plus size clothing skirt with a body skimming long sleeve t-shirt layered with a lace flutter top and a fitted blazer or cardi over that; 3 layers that are not super bulky but give the illusion of a waist and a very feminine boho chic look. You could also dress this look up a little with heels and a scarf and this could take you into the workplace in style.

It is really easy to fall into the habit of hiding away in winter but this doesnít do anyone any good, make the most of being able to layer and wear gorgeous plus size clothing winter fashion; youíll find yourself in much better shape by the end of the season (inside and out!). Grab yourself some beautiful cool weather fashion and get out and about this winter season, help yourself to feel as beautiful and vital as you should.

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